Life is to Work Hard, Play Hard and to Keep Moving & Growing. We have a vibrant workplace with colourful and fun personalities yet spirited and filled with motivation.

We believe in Quality not Quantity. We like everything "out of the box" & out of the ordinary. We are here to disrupt the Malaysian Digital sphere. Scroll down to see our talented rockstars.

Disrupting the Telco & Broadcasting industry, the two founders combined their expertise and experiences of Government & Politics + Entertainment & Advertising. Both the founders share the same vision and goal to Glocalise Malaysia by showcasing local technology and contents to the world. They believe in the prospect of merging two industries together to provide affordable connectivity and contents. With a new approach of Digital Lifestyle & Digital Economy creatively merged, the duo is set with the commitment to help Digitize Malaysia towards a more digital future.
Each individual diaspora has more than 20 years of experience in their individual field and have spent a subsequent amount of years working all across Asia in countries such as China, Japan & Taiwan as well as other countries such as all across Europe & the United States. Ranging from operations, management and financial management in both the Telco & Broadcasting industries in pioneer companies such as Ericsson, Alcatel, Huawei, Fujitsu and many more.
These individuals’ backgrounds range from financial banking, limitation and appeal, public relations & advertising, telecommunications and fiberization to the creative and production industry. They are the special force team that helps to ground and execute the founders and diaspora’s individual departments with the same goal and vision in mind to push the boundaries and disrupt the Malaysian Digital industry.
These young individuals are at the forefront of the battleground to manage and execute daily tasks that will assist and uphold the entire organisation to better bring to life the founder’s goal and vision. These individuals are the upcoming next generation of the Digital Lifestyle that Malaysians are slowly embracing and adapting to.
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